The Bcool project


An international collaboration to study the dynamo generation of magnetic fields in cool stars

Coordinators: Sandra Jeffers (IAG, Germany), Stephen Marsden (JCU, Australia), Pascal Petit (IRAP, France)

Steering Committee : Jérôme Bouvier (IPAG, Grenoble), Boris Dintrans (IRAP, France), Jose Dias do Nascimento (UFRN, Brazil), Moira Jardine (Univ. Saint Andrews, UK), Renada Konstantinova-Antova (BAS, Bulgaria) , Stephen Marsden, Julien Morin (Uni. Goettingen, Germany) , Pascal Petit

Bcool threads:

  1. Magnetic mapping of FGK dwarfs

  2. Snapshot survey of FGK dwarfs

  3. M dwarfs

  4. Cluster stars

  5. Evolved stars

  6. Numerical simulations

Bcool is carried out within the broader context of the MagIcS initiative.